Investment advice from the Guru’s

August 8, 2005

“Read WSJ every day and Barron’s every week.” That would be typical advice about the bare minimum to read if one wants to be make stock buy/sell decision. The Economist has concise writing, packing a wealth of information into each paragraph. A good source of information, not such a good source of correct economics — with a hopelessly left-of-center Keynesian viewpoint (long live LSE).

For great writing by a great businessman, Berkshire Hathaway’s site has three links: an “Owner’s Manual”, the Annual Reports by Warren Buffett, and the Wesco Annual Reports by Charles Munger. In the latter two, the commentary is the interesting and enduring part. Ignore the P&L and other numbers, unless you want to invest rather than just read great business writing.

The best current-commentary of all is not to be found in magazines and newsletters at all. It is found in quarterly and annual reports of certain fund managers. The following is not a list of fund recommendations. I am recommending the reports only. I own many of these funds, but I am NOT recommending these funds.

The Clipper Fund
PIMCO: Specifically Bill Gross’s monthly ‘Investment Outlook’
The Weitz Funds
The Longleaf Partners
Dodge and Cox Funds
Bill Miller’s Commentary (not other) at Legg Mason’s “Value Trust” fund
Mr. Whitman’s reports as Third Avenue funds

If you really want an education in Finance, the list above is enough to keep you busy for a long, long time!