At a glance

Specific Investments
GM (2006,July)
PHM – Pulte Homes (2006,July)
GM Slashes workforce (2006,June)
C – Citigroup (2006,June)
MSFT – Microsoft (2006,Apr)
BUD (Cheers!) (2006,Mar)
Homebuilder stocks (2006,Mar)
Market & Economy
Whither Rates? (2006,July)
Mortgage rates & New Home Sales (2006,July)
Jobs Data (2005,June)
Real-estate (2005,May)
Infosys CEO (2006,June)
CEOs need Passion (2006,June)
The Gurus (2005,Aug)
P-2-P Lending (2006,June)
Processes & Controls (2005,Oct)
Betting on Sports (2005,Apr)
Modern Investment Theory (2006,June)
Buy MSFT, Sell GM (2006,May)
Short-term Thinking (2005,May)
Option Backdating (2006,July)
Greenmail (2006,July)
Retiree Healthcare (2005,Dec)

One Response to At a glance

  1. Ken Stratton says:

    Need to borrow money to improve our nursing home – and security is offered.

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